Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Dispensary

In-store shopping, pick-up, or mail order available. The Naturopathic and Chinese & Ayurvedic Dispensaries are open Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and closed for lunch from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Individuals must observe posted signage, maintain six (6) feet of physical distancing, and wear a mask over mouth and nose when indoors at the clinic. 

Alternatively, non-prescription supplements may be purchased through our Wellevate online store at


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Call Naturopathic Medicine Dispensary: 206-834-4114

Call Chinese/Ayurvedic Medicine Dispensary: 206-834-4169


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  • The Bastyr Center Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Dispensary carries high-quality Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, including:

    Although some of our herbs require a recommendation from a licensed health care provider, many of them are available over-the-counter. Patients have the ability to use their flexible savings account (FSA) and/or Health savings account (HSA) for dispensary purchases. View the herbs we stock, many of which are available over-the-counter at the Chinese and Herbal Medicine Dispensary.

    For information or prescription refills, call the Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Dispensary at .

    If you would like an herbal formula tailored specifically for you, please make an appointment for Chinese herbal medicine or Ayurvedic medicine by calling (206) 834-4100.

    Medical cannabis is NOT available at Bastyr dispensaries.


    Place Order or Refill Prescription

    Place order by phone for Chinese/Ayurvedic Medicine Dispensary:


    Visit us at 3670 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103


    Products prescribed by a ND, MD, DO, or ARNP may be filled tax-free** either in-person or over the phone calling the Naturopathic or Chinese/Ayurvedic Dispensary number listed above.


    We ship anywhere in the US and offer a 20% “wisdom discount” off the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price on prescribed items purchased by individuals over 62 years of age.  New prescriptions (ND, MD, DO, or ARNP) brought in must be written on a tamper proof prescription paper and signed by the prescribing doctor, or may be faxed by the doctor’s office directly to us at 206-834-4180.  Chinese herbal formula requests (LAc) may be brought in on a letterhead signed by the licensed Chinese Herbalist/Acupuncturist or faxed by the licensed Chinese Herbalist/Acupuncturist’s office directly to us at .
    ** With the exception of items shipped to California, which will be taxed in accordance with California state supplement tax laws.   

    Shipments are charged USPS Priority Mail shipping fees and include a $3.00 handling fee.


    • More than 300 commonly used Chinese herbs (consisting of various raw and prepared materials which are boiled together to make a decoction or tea) 
    • 80 Chinese medicine formulas and more than 200 individual Chinese herbs in concentrated, powdered extract form
    • More than 150 prepared Chinese traditional medicines (pills, powders, tinctures, topical plasters and liniments)
    • More than 40 powdered Ayurvedic herbs

An extended selection of supplements and wellness products are available for purchase online (taxes apply) through Bastyr Dispensary's Wellevate Store.